Legends don’t become legends overnight. And nothing gets handed to them. Legends are borne of hard work, sweat and commitment.

Meet Elvis. Back in the day, he was sleek and slicked back, purring and crooning, admired by all. In later life, maybe not so much purring as growling, with the occasional snarl. He’s seen his share of the good life and he wears it well for a man of his age. But when it comes time to get to work, he’s your man. This hunk of burnin love gets the job done – day in, day out. Oysters need beds, beds require pylons, and you might imagine that there’s plenty of other heavy lifting to be done here in Sea Level, NC.

It’s not all glitz and glamour and sequined jumpsuits when you’re work is to harness the forces of mother nature, haul in today’s catch and deliver bivalves fresh to an icy platter in Uptown Charlotte. Hold the applause, please. We give you the myth, the legend… the king.  Elvis, the King of Sea Level.

Join us in uptown Charlotte at the oyster bar to taste the delights from Sea Level, NC.