There’s something quietly unique about Sea Level, NC, otherwise known as Inspiration Point.  Even if it’s a quick trip, it’s so important to me that the core team dips their toes in the water there, takes in the town, meets the people, sees for themselves, experiences the labor required to harvest delights from the sea.  It’s the only way the true nature of this place can translate authentically for everyone who visits Sea Level in uptown Charlotte is to travel to Sea Level, NC.

Jonathan Aguallo (our amazing photographer) and I did just that. The drive takes over 5 hours from Charlotte and I typically take that time to explain the idea for the restaurant and why I fell in love with this village.  We spent a couple of beautiful couple mid-October days with our partner oyster farm and traveling the nearby coastline.

I love watching people’s reaction when they first spend some time in this beautiful and remote place on the NC coast.  Jonathan quickly started to capture the essence of Sea Level. As we drove, “hold on Paul, stop the car” became a familiar refrain.  He’d see a boat or house that spoke to him.  He emotionally connected to this place just I have many times now and it shows in his photographs. I hope you’ll see what I mean when you see Jonathan’s work on our walls (soon!) in uptown Charlotte at Sea Level.  Maybe you’ll agree that when you’re here, you’re there.